The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction: That like-energy attracts like-energy. That we are in fact, one with the creative energy force of the Universe, therefore we are the creative energy force of the Universe. And we manifest creation into our lives continuously, whether consciously or not.  So in order to consciously bring our hearts desires into fruition in our lives, we must focus our mind upon our goal, and respond on a feeling level as if we already have that which we desire, which in turn raises our vibrational frequency to match that which we desire.  And then … like-energy attracts like-energy … and boom! Manifested. On Earth as it is in Heaven.

It actually works too, and is explained by quantum physics  …

But that’s not actually what I was going to write about.

The law of attraction I want to write about is the kind when two people are attracted to each other. (Why are you not surprised?)

It may feel like a crush. Or you may just feel inexplicably drawn to someone, which is often accompanied by a strong sense of recognition, like you know them from somewhere. This sense of recognition is not really explainable, all you know is that you want to connect with them somehow, and draw close to them. The pull can be quite intense and powerful, like a magnet. To break it off or go against the pull of this attraction can feel quite uncomfortable, even painful.

Well I believe it is a type of magnetism, and I’m sure there is more to it on a scientific level. The Earth, of course, has a magnetic field. But did you know that the heart produces it’s own magnetic field?

Now you can see how our magnetic fields must interact, both with each other’s, and with the Earth’s magnetic field lines, as we walk around on the Earth’s surface at right angles to it. (I’ve always wondered if that is why we lie down horizontally to sleep? It’s like an electrical off switch!)

I don’t know enough about these things to speak definitively on the subject, but I am sure there must be something in it!

So, if attraction is a type of magnetism, why then does it strike the particular people at the particular time? This is where my theory becomes more spiritual in nature. No meeting is ever by chance, after all.

You see, frequently attractions can turn out not to be about sex or romance at all. We often mistake them for that, because it feels just the same, but don’t be fooled and assume that the attraction is always about a sexual or romantic connection.

You may be kindred spirits. Your souls may know each other from a past life. You may be related. Or that person may go on to play some other significant role in your life. Some deep learning or healing may take place through knowing them. They may inspire and draw out of you some as yet untapped creativity, or get you started on an exciting new venture or project. They may pass on some important information to you, a tip-off, a key piece to the puzzle that brings something really important into alignment in your life. The stronger the attraction, the more significant the role they will play.

Perhaps we share far more information with each other than we realise, just through the interaction of our magnetic and vibratory fields? Or perhaps a higher purpose is at work? Maybe it’s all just chemical reactions flooding our brains with hormones?

Who really knows?  But next time someone catches your eye or makes a big impression on you, remember to be open to what the Universe may be showing you. Not all attraction is about sex or romance, but you can be sure that you are drawn to each other for a reason!

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