Cosmology Should Be a Religion!

I’m in love with the Universe! In awe of it’s infinite vastness, and it’s microscopic depth within. The Universe goes in all directions, whether infinitely large or infinitely small. We can keep on magnifying it, until the space within becomes as vast as the space without, until you find yourself in a universe inside the universe. It’s kind of like that scene in the opening credits of that Simpsons episode?

It’s shaped like a kind of weird loop, like the infinity symbol. But it’s inside-out in places, and cuts across different realms of existence. And we are at the intersection of those realms, where the spiritual meets the physical.

The Universe is literally contained inside every single cell of our body. That’s why whatever we send out comes back to us. Because we are the universe! And we are how the Universe experiences itself, from the inside out. We are spiritual beings inside human bodies, having a multitude of different experiences.

And it’s such a beautiful planet, every sunset different. It’s like one of those sand sculptures, you know, like – there is sand and liquid stuck between two glass plates? And when you turn it over the sand falls and settles in different ways, creating new and unique landscapes every time. The Earth is ever-changing but on a much larger scale. The tectonic plates are forever churning, with molten lava erupting from the deep, and plunging the ocean crust back down into the interior for recycling again.

And our solar system is this perfectly balanced, perfectly timed, self-propelled, perpetual-motion machine. It hangs weightlessly in the vacuum of space, and operates with un-changing precision, powered by it’s own energy. It is hard for us to even comprehend the weightlessness of space, because all we’ve ever known is this world of gravity. But it doesn’t even just “hang” in space. Everything is hurtling along at speeds beyond our comprehension. The whole galaxy is. Relativity between the sizes of the planets and stars against the backdrop of an eternal void begins to lose all meaning. Size means nothing, nor space nor time. We are but specks, yet contain everything.

I look up at the stars and I say “I love you!”. The universe is alive and beautiful and all-knowing. You can tap into it’s deep wisdom. Your soul is a drop of the very substance of God. And we are waterfalls, falling through this realm together. Separate droplets – but all one. And all returning to the Oneness.

The Universe teaches us through many many avenues. The microcosm within the macrocosm. As above, so below. Sacred geometry, the Fibonacci series, electromagnetic fields and torroidial vortices. The chakras, energy fields and auras. All of the things. I don’t fully understand. But I’m so excited. I love the mystery of it. I love me some Universe.

Peace xx

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