He asserts his power over those around him through fear. He’s like a dog that bites. I can’t change him, it’s just who he is. And I don’t want to get bit.

He’s out there now, having a deep interaction with the kitchen pantry. But I’ll never side with you against him. These kids have been waking me in the night since before they were born. Anything from this point on is a blessing. And I will never be mad at him for existing too loudly.

For there may come a day when he is no longer here. And I will miss the nocturnal rumblings, and the half-light of the TV screen in the night, and a tired half-boy outstretched across no less than three chairs.

The Human Condition – Musings of a Mortal Mind

When I was 3 years old I asked “When did I begin?”. Then when I was 5 I wondered “How does a flower know what shape to grow into?”. In my 30’s I questioned “Who are we? What are we? And why are we here?”

Now that I’m 43 I wonder “Do I write music? ….. Or does music write me?”.

I ask, and the Universe answers. That’s how it works. Now I have a blog. You’re welcome.